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We're celebrating seven years of publishing The Columbia Insider. It's been a long, and sometimes bumpy, ride since our first issue on March 12, 2009. Somehow, we haven't lost sight of the ideal that this is supposed to be fun! It is fun and we truly enjoy bringing a light side to this resource guide for Columbia County. We pack a lot of fun in every issue. However, on the serious side of things, remember this is a business, and the business part of our mission is to present messages from our advertisers to a big audience of readers/consumers. On that note we wish to thank our many advertisers for their support over the years. We absolutely couldn't create, print and distribute our complimentary "happy little paper" without our advertisers.


So in this, our March issue, we are directing the Eddie/Ellie Contest to honor our advertisers. One advertiser will be chosen to receive their ad free! The drawing will be held on March 17th and we will announce the winner in the next edition of The Columbia Insider, on the third Thursday of April. Yes, you read that right, we will be implementing a new schedule soon. We will publish on the third Thursday of every month, another unique publishing calendar... not weekly, or the former unique bi-weekly, and not the first week of the month. We've noticed many other free publications flood the newsstands in the first week of the month. Sadly, our little paper often gets buried under some larger sized magazines and papers. Our new schedule should help with that little bump. Our plan is to keep the same happy fun format but increase our pages with more information and advertiser's messages. We'll be bigger and better! See you again on April 21st. The Eddie the IN contest will return.

Pat and Ed

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